Learn more about protecting your home and what's inside.

Protecting your home and what’s inside is important when you’re a homeowner. If you want to know what’s protected on your home insurance versus your home warranty, read below to learn more.

A home insurance policy covers the home, the contents inside (like furniture and electronics, should they be destroyed or stolen) and any incidents that may happen on the property. Home insurance policies usually pay claims to major repairs that need to be done to the home.

When getting a home insurance policy, it’s important to ask your insurance agent what is covered on your policy.

A home warranty policy generally covers a range of things inside the home like vents, appliances, AC units and plumbing, should they break. This helps cover any out of pocket expenses that it’ll cost to fix this appliance or system in your home. What’s included on your home warranty should be discussed with your warranty representative.

It can be good to shop around for the right warranty that will cover your appliances and systems in the house. Make sure it includes repair and replacement coverage for the things that may be difficult to fix or replace.

When purchasing a home, home insurance is a necessary expense to cover the home itself. A home warranty is not always needed, but it is helpful should you need to repair or replace an appliance. Talk to your home insurance agent and your home warranty agent to find out what you can get covered in your home.