In the spring, hail storms affect homeowners across the country. Hail causes severe damage to homes and roofs, leading to broken windows, missing shingles and holes in roofs.

Below is a guide to what you should (and shouldn’t) do if your roof is damaged by hail.


  • Ask  your insurance agent to refer a trusted roofer to asses the damage and give you an estimate to fix it
  • Call or contact your insurance agency to check your deductibles
  • Have picture proof of damages if your roof needs extensive work
  • Send proof of your repaired roof to your insurance agent. Claims may not be paid out until proof of repairs is sent


  • Don’t file a claim unless the repairs will cost more than the price of your deductible. Filing a claim for damages under the price of your deductible can cause your rates to go up
  • Don’t just let ANY roofer do the job. Make sure to ask your agent for a local, reputable roofer
  • Don’t wait until next year to have your roof inspected.  Have your roof inspected every year even if you don’t think you have damage. There may be damage that you haven’t seen.
  • Don’t get on the roof yourself
  • Don’t file a claim too early in the season. Additional damage from a later storm would result in a second claim and possible double deductible


Keep this guide of dos and don’ts just in case your home is damaged by hail. If you would like more information or just have questions, contact a Clay Paul agent! You can click here to email us or call (800) 604-0283. Our agents are here to help you protect your home!