Cyber Monday means great deals online—so protect your personal financial information with these helpful tips.

  1. Know who you are sharing with.

Make sure the sites you visit and buy from are reputable. Never give your personal or financial information out over the phone, through mail or on the internet unless you know who you are sending it to.


  1. Keep your data encrypted

Check to make sure your browser is secure by using the “lock” icon on the status bar. Make sure it is locked before typing in any personal information.


  1. Make sure your passwords are private.

When making passwords, make sure they are difficult to guess.


  1. Be careful when using Wi-Fi

Public wi-fi networks are not always secure. Before joining a public network, check to make sure your information will be protected.


  1. Read privacy policies

Before checking out online, read the company’s terms and conditions to see what is being done with your information.



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