5 Ways We help Customers Save on Insurance

Insurance, whether for your home, your car or anything else you find valuable, is a necessary expense. We know everyone needs it, and we want to make sure people aren’t paying too much for coverage that doesn’t fit their needs. Our process helps customers save and get proper coverage in case of an incident.


  1. We have unique, local carriers

Our long list of carriers includes insurance companies that are local to your state. They understand your area’s needs, and they cater their services towards home types, weather and many more factors that go into your home insurance price.


  1. We offer bundle discounts

Putting your home and your auto together can help you save. Many of our appointed carriers offer discounts for bundling your home and auto, and our agents are happy to help.


  1. We shop the market

We have a list of over 60, A rated insurance carriers that we are appointed with. With that, we can quote you with all our insurance carriers and offer you lower rates.


  1. We offer discounts

Discounts are available for many of the policies we provide. We get to know our clients, so we can see if they qualify for any additional savings on their policies. For auto, discounts can include, good student discounts, safe driver discounts and defensive driving discounts. For home, discounts for quality of roof and a monitored alarm system are also available.


  1. We re-shop your policy

A big part of saving on your insurance is making sure premiums stay low, year by year. That’s why our team of customer service representatives reshops your policy every renewal period to make sure you’re getting the best price for your insurance.


Our team is dedicated to making sure you get great insurance at a great price. Let us know how we can help you save on your insurance. Want to learn how much you can save? Call us at (800)604-0283 or visit us at www.claypaul.com.